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What does Xigency means?
Xigency (Pronounced [ek-si-juhn-see]) is really the word Exigency with the E removed. Exigency means a state of affairs that makes urgent demands or such a need or necessity as belongs to the occasion.

Why is the company name Xigency Studios Inc.?

The company was name Xigency Studios Inc. due to the point that we see a demand for comics which has more representation by all nationalities and ethnicity. When looking at the recent push for more diverse intellectual content in comics, it seems that most other publishers are not addressing some of the issues with creating new content which is loved by all walks of life while maintaining a positive image of their culture. This is the demand we at Xigency Studios Inc. are providing with our comics.

How was the company founded?

 Xigency Studios, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Joe D. McFee while he was attending Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The company was started on the basis of creating web pages for clients. This was done as a means to make money and to get his name out there to potential employers upon his graduated from college. During this time, Xigency Studios Inc. was a one person operation where sites or pages was hosted and maintained on either a personal web site or a free web site. Companies and groups who used Xigency Studios Inc. to create web content which ranged from comics, games, adult entertainment.

On December 31, 2008, Xigency Studios, Inc. launched its first comic book series called Amazonia: The Continuing Adventures of E. This comic series is actually a spin-off of a comic series which has not been published called LLD (Last Line of Defense). With a successful launch of Amazonia, Xigency Studios Inc. forged itself into the comic industry.

On May 26, 2009, Xigency Studios became an authorized comic book publisher and retailer in the State of Illinois. This was done to help promote all comics produced Xigency Studios. as a small press publisher as opposed as a hobby. One year after the successful of Amazonia on December 1, 2009, Xigency Studios moved from a sole proprietorship to a sub chapter S corporation.

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