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Primetime Saturday Night
Primetime Saturday Night



Primetime Saturday Night is the weekly televised pro wrestling program mentioned in the AWF comics. It will be on a WWE type format and will have some of the best storylines that parallels to the behind the scense in the parent book of AWF. This is the long awaited comic series that wrestling fans have been waiting for since the beginning of AWF.


Comics In The Series

Primetime Saturday Night


Big Sherl

Sherrlie Matthews (AKA Big Sherl): Sherrlie is one half of the tag team "The Crew". With her childhood best friend Alice, Sherrlie has traveled the US in search of a place where she could settle down and not be looked upon as an outsider. Being that Alice and Sherrlie were orphans, they spend most of their lives looking after one another. Unlike the other kids that were in the orphanage, Alice and Sherrlie were often alienated by the staff and were not allow to come in contact with some of the other kids. Even during open houses, Sherrlie and Alice had to have their potential parents screen more thoroughly than the others. It wasn't until after they became of age and left the orphanage that Sherrlie became aware of their powers. Hurt by the how it was kept a secret from them, Sherrlie lashed out back at the world in the form of taking a thug persona. Despite how much she inflicted pain to others, it didn't bring Sherrlie peace. Sherrlie was like a walking time bomb until Alice found that the best way for them to let loose without getting into trouble. Alice got them into the AWF where they became one of the most destructive tag teams in history.

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Lil Pearl

Alice Pearlman (AKA Lil' Pearl): Alice is one half of the tag team "The Crew". With her childhood best friend Sherrlie, Alice has traveled the US in search of a place where she could settle down and not be looked upon as an outsider. Being that Alice and Sherrlie were orphans, they spend most of their lives looking after one another. Unlike the other kids that were in the orphanage, Alice and Sherrlie were often alienated by the staff and were not allow to come in contact with some of the other kids. Even during open houses, Sherrlie and Alice had to have their potential parents screen more thoroughly than the others. It wasn't until after they became of age and left the orphanage that Sherrlie became aware of their powers. Alice understood how Sherrlie felt betrayed by those who took care of them. However, Alice was concerned about the damage that Sherrlie was causing in her lashing out back. Knowing that Sherrlie was more of the scholar of the two of them and that she needed her to be in her right mind, Alice plotted a way that Sherrlie can let out her aggression about their life and have her friend back to her old self. Alice watched an ad for try out for AWF on TV. She thoug

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Senorita Maria

Maya Montoya (AKA Senorita Maria): Maya is the childhood friend and chief rival to Juggzanaut. Even though Maya loved and respected Rita, their friendship was very rocky where their rivalry became bitter in the lucha libre circuit in South America. Despite Rita being the better luchadora, fans flocked to Maya. Even after puberty hit both of them where fans were ridiculing Rita for her bust size and not being able to fit into her family legacy's uniform due to it, Maya stuck by Rita, help her to produce uniform that fit her that represented her family, and constantly set up matches against her to prove to Rita's critics that she is the real luchadora. Upon hearing that Rita's family was wiped out by the cartel, Maya did the honorable thing that she could have done for Rita. She dawn the "Snow White" Luchadora uniform for the Del Ray familia, which symbolizes the best Female Wrestler in the family, aka "The Queen". It was her way to show respect to memory of Rita and her family. However, this memorial did not go over to well after Maya found out that Rita was alive and the US. When Maya visited and tried out for AWF, Rita nearly went crazy due to the disrespect to memory of her fa

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Steven Oh.jpg
Steven Oh

Steven Oh:Steven is a college student at Texas Prairie State University who recently lost his funding to stay in school. In a desperate attempt to get the money to stay in school, he takes he last bit of money and plays in a high stakes poker game. In this poker game, he ends up winning the ownership of AWF from Roger Kane and enough money to stay in school.The following day after winning the federation, Steve go to the main location of the federation and learns some unknown secrets of the federation.

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Yvette Jackson (AKA Slamazon): Yvette is a college student at Texas Prairie State University who is a star basketball player that is being tutored by Steven Oh. She has a bit of a crush on Steve. Upon finding out that Steve was about to get kicked out of school, Yvette decides to answer a TV ad to become a wrestler for the AWF to earn money for Steve. On the following day, she tries out for the federation and defeats Diva Gold for a spot in the federation. After the match, Steve admits to her how he feels about her and a new relationship starts [More of Slamazon’s History to follow at a later date.]

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Shelia Monterro (AKA Sheyla): Shelia is the first friend Juggzanaut made when she entered the AWF during its early days. Even though Shelia was strong and agile, she was no match for her newfound friend. Over the years Shelia trained along side of Juggzanaut and perfected her skills in the ring. Even though she was not official a protege of Juggzanaut, Shelia learned a lot of techniques which makes her a formidable opponent to most male wrestlers at that time. Shelia skills in the ring and her fighting ability is the only reason why the "foundation" has not dismissed her from the AWF. Though she may not have any super powers like her sisters in Wrestling, Shelia is at the peak of human abilities in most areas where no one notice a difference between her and other wrestlers.

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Roger Kane.jpg
Roger Kane

Roger Kane:Roger was the former owner of the AWF. He lost his family’s wrestling federation to Steven Oh in a high stakes poker game. He still serves as the general manager of the federation and has been suspected by some of the wrestlers to be a government agent.

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Power spike copy.jpg
Power spike

Ginger Nagano (AKA Power Spike): Ginger is one of Japan's top volleyball players. She has traveled the world with several national team and won many championship along the way. However, Ginger could not escape her families ties to the syndicate. Even though she was a national hero, there had been attempt to assassinate her. But what must find odd about this is that in most of the failed attempts, Ginger never was injured or harm even though there was signs that she was physically damaged. The syndicate suspects that Ginger has some sort of healing factor. From that point forward, the syndicate stop their attempts to kill Ginger in order to kidnap her to see if they can siphon her healing abilities into their members. This continued for several years. Eventually, Ginger's mother could take the stress from being a part of the syndicate anymore. Ginger's mother decided to turn over evidence to Interpol in exchange for safety for Ginger and herself. As a result, Ginger was placed into care of the "foundation" where she was to be protected. As a result, Ginger was placed into the AWF to become the new rival to Slamazon.

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Power madien.jpg
Power madien

Melissa Porter (AKA Power Maiden): Melissa is a bit of an enigma when it comes to the AWF roster. Melissa has been plagued by her super strength since her birth. Due to several incidents early in her child hood, she was taken from her parents by the "foundation". This has cause her to be very withdrawn from people since she fear hurting anyone. Because of this, she is a bit of a wall flower and is rumored to be the stronger one on the roster. However, no one really knows what other abilities that she possess due to her unwillingness to explore her powers. She tries her best to make herself seem as "normal" as possible and chooses to use tactics and techniques when it comes to her wrestling career and personal life. She hopes that one day she could return home.

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Page 24 Panel 3.jpg
Cocoa Castle

Cocoa Castle: A former local news reporter turn pro wrestling commentator for AWF. It is rumored that Cocoa left news reporting after an investigation indicated that she may have cause some of the incidents to happen. Even though the rumors were proven to be false, Cocoa never was able to get out of the stigma that what she reported came true. It was something about her words that made it happened. The "foundation" eventually offer the commentator's position for AWF Primetime Saturday Night in an attempt to see if she had powers or not. Nothing much even was made of this though about Cocoa having powers other than being able to get under Patrick Cannon's skin.

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Page 15 Panel 4.jpg
Summer Aston

Summer Aston: Summer initially was going to try out to be a wrestler in the AWF when it was noticed that she had a gift for reporting. Roger Kane offered her a position to being a backstage commentator in lieu of her try out. Even though is has not been determined if Summer has any powers or not, most of the wrestlers embraces Summer as one of their own.

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Page 8 Panel 2.jpg
Bakery Ninja

Stephanie Eagleton (AKA The Bakery Ninja): Stephanie often tag teams with Power Maiden. Not much is known about Stephanie's past. It is assumed that out of all of the wrestlers on the roster that she has had a more normal life than all of them. The only thing that makes her "different" is her power manifest itself at the strangest of time.

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Patrick Cannon

Patrick Cannon: A former pro wrestler from the old AWF (Allied Wrestling Federation) who became a commentator for the newly formed AWF (Amazon Wrestling Federation) from the remaining female wrestlers from the Allied Wrestling Federation. Patrick is very knowledgeable about the pro wrestling but is often annoyed by Cocoa's commentary, especially when it get to a personal nature.

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Tundra McElmore (AKA Olympia): Tundra is a professional body builder who felt that she was always different. From childhood, she never understood her natural abilities for sports and athletics. Though her father treated her more like a son than a daughter, Tundra had a hard time adjusting being feminine. This continued throughout her teenage years where she started to develop a more muscular physique than the average female. Eventually during her late high school years, Tundra became fascinated with Greek culture. Her interest was peaked till the point that she took up Greco-Roman wrestling and living as if she follow the Greek gods. Due to her advance muscular physique, Tundra's strength was too much for most of her male opponents. Upon hearing about her victories in college wrestling and track and field, the "foundation" took an interest in her and offered her an opportunity to be around other women like herself. Shortly after that, Tundra became a member of AWF. It wasn't long till she became a rival of Brickhouse.

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Night Strike.jpg
Night Strike

Taka Matsumi (AKA Nightstrike): Taka was a member of a clan of assassin hired by the syndicate to kill the Nagano family. Taka was successful at infiltrating the family and manage to successful kill several members of that family. But when she was given Ginger Nagano as her target, things changed for Taka. She experienced first hand Ginger's powers on several attempts to kill her. However, the council of elders for her clan did not believe Taka's reports about Ginger's powers. Eventually, the elder gave Taka one last attempt to kill Ginger before she would have to pay for her failure. On that last attempt at Ginger's life, a rival family made an attempt to take out the Nagano family. During the confusion from the conflict, Taka fell from a collapsed balcony. Pin by the weight of the balcony and awaiting certain death from an incoming rocket fired toward the house, Ginger managed to save Taka in the nick of time by lifting the portion of the balcony which was pinning Taka down. Taka was able to escape the blast from the rocket but Ginger didn't. This was when Taka realized that should could kill Ginger as she watch heal herself complete from the direct blast. Returning to her

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Jungle cat.jpg
Jungle Kat

Katherine Winters (AKA Jungle Kat): Katherine was lost as a small child after a plane crash in South America. Unlike what most would think, Katherine didn't have to survive on her own in the wild jungle. She and a few other survivors was found by a tribe who took them in. Unlike the other survivor, Katherine took to the culture. This is how she learned about her agility and speed. For some reason, the tribe help Katherine to developed and control her speed. However, the tribe did not have much to advance her formal education. When the "foundation" found Katherine as a young adult, she was not ready to come back to modern society. Katherine has a hard time adapting due to a speech impediment and dyslexia. Most of the AWF roster do not know about Katherine. A good majority thinks that she is dumb which is the far from the truth. However, Katherine is the fastest member of the roster and people respect her for ability in the ring.

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Rita Maria Del Ray (AKA Juggzanaut): Rita was the former AWF champion and is rumored to be the mythical first woman to enter the AWF with superpowers. However, it is not the case. Even though she has been there longer than any of the other active wrestlers in the federation, it was revealed to Steve that there was one more that was there before her. Rita is currently trying to figure out how to defeat Brickhouse to regain her championship back that she feels that she never lost. She hopes that Slamazon can help her. [More of Juggzanaut’s History to follow at a later date.]

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Natasha Romanov (AKA “The Soviet Warrior” Helga): is the half of the tag team called “The Cold Warriors.”

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Goddess Leah.jpg
Goddess Leah

Leandra Campbell (AKA Goddess Leah): Leandra is one of the few people on the AWF roster who knows she has special abilities. This is why she develop a bit of a god complex about herself. Even though she doesn't know the full extent of her powers, Leandra has a tendency to belittle others who she feels is not up to her abilities. Ironically enough, Leandra was able to live a normal life like that until she came under the notice of the "foundation". This happened when she picked a fight with Power Maiden by bullying at a local mall and cause major collateral damages to several store in the mall. Needless to say, Leandra was humbled a bit on that day by Power Maiden. However, she choose to come willingly into the AWF for she can learn more about her abilities and to be able one day to get back at Power Maiden.

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Gloria Smithe (AKA “The American Solider” Glory): Gloria is the second half of the tag team called “The Cold Warriors.” Gloria was a member of a research unit for the United States Marine Corp. During a tour in a Middle East country, Gloria was caught in a chemical explosion from a homemade terrorist bomb.Gloria suffers from mental anguish and trauma as a result of the explosion.Shortly after being released back to active duty, she started having nightmares and fits of insanity. The Marines released her from duty on a Medical Discharge. Due to this fits of insanity, Gloria was not able to hold down a job for a long time. Her last resort was to join the AWF. It is believe by those who are in the federation that she has her hair over her right eye due to damage to her face from the explosion. Actually, she does it for a reason unknown to anyone but herself.

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Elanore Smythe (AKA Ellen): Elanore is a famous dominatrix who pretty much stayed under the radar of the "foundation" for a long time. Unknown to most people, Elanore has a high level of resiliency to physical abuse. She also had an unremarkable command over the psychological when it comes to deviant behaviors. This allowed her to rise to fame in her career as a dominatrix. However, she eventually came to the "foundation"'s attention when she profiled an agent during his mission. In exchange for serving possible criminal charges for interfering with an investigation, Elanore agreed to enter into their program. Unannounced to her, it forced into AWF. Even in the federation, she maintains her dominatrix persona.

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Diva GOLD.jpg
Diva Gold

Miranda Gold (AKA Diva Gold): Miranda is an up and coming wrestling in the federation who has a lot of trust issues.This is stemming from the lost of her government sponsored super hero parents as a young teenager.As a last resort, she joins the federation as a means to take care of herself. She tries to befriend Brickhouse since Brickhouse was the first African American to win the AWF championship. Many of the other wrestlers in the federation take Miranda’s efforts to befriend Brickhouse as idol worship instead of a person reaching out to be a good friend. Miranda is also one of the few wrestlers who know that Brickhouse did beat Juggzanaut fair and square. However due to proving Brickhouse’s innocence the title fight and over confidence in matching up with Slamazon, she loses a try-out match against Slamazon and her ego takes a hit.

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Angela Carter (AKA Brickhouse):Angela is the current AWF champion and is pretty much the loner in the federation. Nothing much has been revealed about who she is and why she is there and apart of the federation. However, it seems that Diva Gold is the only one who talks to her on a consistent basis after her title victory. [More of Brickhouse’s History to follow at a later date.]

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Sheryl Monroe (AKA Bootsie): Sheryl is a known local high school athlete who developed too much into womanhood at an early age. Because of this, she was mistaken for being older and gotten herself in trouble with the law to the point that her parents wrote her off as a lost cause. However, her parents fail to realize that her early bodily maturity was due to her powers developing. This stun her development in overall ability and height.Sheryl's parents never thought this part of her nature growth was being effect and thought she was acting out in rebellious behavior. The "foundation" found Sheryl shortly after she began her exotic dancing career. Sheryl started down this path due to being kick out of her parents house at the age of 17. It was then that it was explain to her that she was unique and different from most people. However, the foundation did not explain about her development in her legs and why she was able to run faster, jump farther, and kick at superhuman strength. She was place in the AWF so that she could develop her current abilities and to discover the rest of her powers.

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